Are you sure you want to leave the game?

Video still

Mrša brought together a group of boys, 5th and 6th-grade primary students, together with whom she exploring gaming practices. By capturing them through individual values such as voice, laughter, handwriting and personal discourse, Mrša seeks points at which different realities of the digital age overlap or repel. By answering the following three questions: “Is there anything interesting that has happened to you in the game, and is similar to something that also happened to you in reality?”, “What word have you learned in the game?”, “What is the worst thing that can happen to someone who plays video games?”, boys embody this hybrid world in language and the bodily gesture of writing.

In the second part of the work the games that boys play daily become a dramaturgic basis for the embodiments they subsequently perform. They overtake their characters’ functions and, by acting in accordance with the instructions with which they previously commented their own game, become avatars of their characters. In this distorted situation, their bodies – guided from the outside as hybrid configurations – appear as a surplus, a sign without meaning, materiality with prohibited emotion. Avatar-boy, therefore, becomes a melancholic figure and is subversive in this sense. However, the question about which field in its heterogeneous environment is affected by subversion, cannot be answered unilaterally.
Curator Irena Bekić

The participants in the film are Oleksandar, Nino, Liam, Karlo and Borna, who were joined by Domagoj, Luka, Frane, Tomislav and Kristijan at the workshops.


Photo by: Jasenko Rasol

Cinematographers: Petra Mrša and Tamara Dugandžija
Editor: Lea Mileta
Sound designer: Miro Manojlović

The quotes used in the video “Are You Sure You Want to Leave the Game?” have been taken from the exhibition catalog “Games and Politics” produced in collaboration between Goethe Institute and ZKM | Center for Art and Media.

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