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HD video, 2 47

By combining performance, sound and text, this video work questions the influence of the character of the movement in de-integrating, reintegrating and reinforcing the understanding of the written language.
Informed by the notions of body memory, mind–body duality, authentic movement and somatic experiencing, work examines interrelations between body movements and sentences which are created within context of stationary behaviour.Sources of the text are 2 categories of the google analytics: most googled How to question and most shared site on social networks (referring buzzsumo.com) about the most searched term in 2017. Another source of the text is a script of the biographical film that shows a person in the moment of sudden losing ability to move.

Movements are based on Laban movement analysis, the technique that all human movements characterizes by: space (direct or indirect), weight (strong or light) and time (sudden or sustained).
Most common source of knowledge in contemporary society is content provided on Internet. Development of technology provides practices like online shopping, computer games, online sex, work from home, social networks…, which all reduce the need for everyday body movement.
By associating sentences with body movements, work stands as a comment on the process of generating meaning from the perceived world. Which is the contribution of the movement and which of the language to this process remains ambiguous.

Body as a human’s feature and its impact on the identity remains unrevealed. This raises the question of undiscovered possibilities of physical engagement as a way of existence, a means of cognition and development. Interest to deal with this possibilities is prompted by the context of rapidly development of AI’s potentials, like a way to communicate or to solve problems.

The work was made as a part of the CreArt AiR residency at Bluecoat – Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts.

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