Inspired by the idea of escaping the everyday routine in the city of Zagreb where I live, I found the distance I needed in a remoted city named Rijeka. For me, that is a zone of rest, released from all norms and the imposed rules of a blase society. The neuralgic center of this zone is the world of a child, my nephew Lovro. Once I let him lead me, I enter through the doors I otherwise would have passed by, and a new, different world openes up before me.



Installation view, Museum of contemporary art, Zagreb, 2013.



Installation view, Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, 2013.


This series was brought on by the wish to use the public space of gallery to depict and share the experiences I`ve had with him.






The process of conveying this experience throuhg abstract images included a yearlong process of destructive-constructive experimentation. During that experimentation I have tried to be led by the boy`s Lovro`s world view and his “lessons”. I was interested in how controlled displacement in someonelse state of mind affects on created image.


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The photos in this series are not the images of motives, but the images of the process. Process, in which I tried to apply the aspects of Lovro`s world view  and his “lessons” to the cognitive aspects of image making. One of them is that regulations about the right way of doing something are often just a prejudices. His world view is freed from socialization and standardization  and gives a new meaning to what is seen.








In order to convey this “lessons” in image, I built light mobiles, that by interacting with space, time and light, abolishe their original content, and they build a new, temporary, unique, unpredictable and unrepeatable reality. Image is determinated by the environmental factors and not by the object that has been photographed. The new meaning is defined by the way that image is made, as well as with recipient`s personal recognition and identification.





Instalation view, Consorzio di Bonifica, Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy



Installation view, Museum of contemporary art, Zagreb, 2013.



Installation view, Museum of modern and contemporary art, Rijeka, 2013.



A poster for an exhibition “Photographic experiments-controlled displacement” (I.Vinski)



Enterance to exhibition “Photographic experiments-controlled displacement”, Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, 2013.



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