Untitled walk

Untitled walk is work made as a part of the group show Last one out tun off the lights

Last one out tun off the lights
Gallery L’Inlassable Paris, 2017
Curated by: Sarah Mercadante and Gabriel Hensche

From June 19th to July 7th, the gallery L’Inlassable offered its window store
to 20 artists who took the opportunity to question their own practice. There are two simple
rules: each artist has 24 hours, from midnight to midnight, to prepare, install and perform
in the window space, representing, reenacting and reflecting on their art making process.


Petra Mrsa (HR)
Sophie Dupont (DK)
Riki Werdenigg (AT)
Claudia Kübler (CH)
Eden Sarna (IL)
Sascha Brosamer (DE)
Rotem Gerstel (IL)
Gabriel Hensche (DE)
Laëtitia Striffling (FR)
Stéphanie Baechler (CH)
Akira Takaishi (JP)
Julia Wirsching (DE)
Abi Tariq (PK) & Honi Ryan (AU)
Sarah Haddou (FR)
France Manoush Sahatdjian (FR)
Goran Skofic (HR)
Simone Etter (CH)
Anita Holtsclaw (AU)
Sophie Innmann (DE)




Untitled walk

Site-specific installation: wallpapers, shower curtain, handrail, toilet paper holder, carpet, sound

In the work Untitled walk, a specific aspect of the artist’s creative process is being transferred to a public space where passersby walking down the street are being interrupted by an appearance of intimate space, a shower – a part of our home which we enter in order to let the water falls down on our body. The brain works differently there. The images that have left the impact on us on that day appear, and old ones, stimulated by the new experience, emerge. This mixture of traveling and daydreaming which often leads to intuitive clarification of things can be heard in audio work that accompanies shower installation. The beginning of each sound narrative is water that can usually be heard in the bathroom and it gets transformed to the sound of water in diverse exterior scenes.
Work has been conceived specifically for the Gallerie L’inlassable’s window store. The ambiguity of exhibition space, containing in the same time convenience of the gallery space and exposure and immediacy of the window store, offered open and informal communication with random visitors, which made work being communicated through the installation process and spontaneous conversations about the conceptualization of the installed work. Instead of producing art objects, artist reused everyday objects for creating a new situation and after the exhibition, turned them again into ordinary, functional objects, without leaving any material objects to be archived after the exhibition.


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