The archive of the non-institutional knowledge


Emails, objects, texts, drawing, videos, images, invitations for participation  
The initiative made in collaboration with artist Paky Vlassopoulou

The Archive of the non-institutional knowledge brings together different types of knowledge that are excluded from professional biographies  and in their diversity question what is a valuable knowledge. Artists Paky Vlassopoulou and Petra Mrša invited a group of people involved in education to respond to the following question: “Could you share example(s) that influenced the way you perceive things and which happened outside of any type of institutional/organized education (school, university, workshops etc) and which you definitely don’t include in your CV? Furthermore, could you also tell us in which situation/ condition this experience could be included in CV as useful knowledge?”
The collected responses are joined in an archive in several different formats and were shown in the gallery on the occasion of using it as a site to explore, to share, and to reflect upon learning in spaces of contemporary art.
Božena Končić Badurina (text/image), Ivana Bago (email), Ben Cain (objects/text), Philippa Driest (object), Igor Grubic (email), Tina Gverović (objects/text), Gabriel Hensche (object/invitation to participate), Sanja Iveković (video), Kelly Tsipni-Kolaza (text/video link), Ana Kuzmanić (drawing), Petra Mrša (image), Eliana Otta (text/images), Manuel Pelmus (storytelling/invitation to participate), Wendelien Van Oldenborgh (objects), Adam Szymczyk (email), Paky Vlassopoulou (sound), Frederiek Weda (email).
The work was realized as a part of the exhibition Open Nova in Gallery Nova in Zagreb in 2019, as a part of the final show of art education program WHW Akademija. It was mentored by Ben Cain and Tina Gverović with the support of the curatorial team WHW.

Some of the contributions:





Photo credits: Sanja Bistričić

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