Behind seven mountains and seven seas – quiet nights by the cell phone

Between March and May 2020, I collected abstract voice messages from artists from around the world. My initiative was that – by using digital technology and the Internet – we try to send each other our physicality using the form of voice. Such correspondence brought to the surface abstract sounds, voice tremors, exhalations … not text or images, which are the most common formats of communication with contemporary technology.
From the collected voices, I made compositions and invited the audience to expose their sense of hearing to it. The work explores how one can experience other bodies by hearing the recordings of its abstract sounds, and how that experience influences the body of the listener. Participants are invited to listen to the compositions and react to them through movement, visible or invisible. Different environments were offered for listening and moving: window towards Avenue, room with scattered museum furniture, room with archaic technological devices, and an empty room with carpet.
Behind the Seven Mountains and Seven Seas are: Adina Camhy, Sarah Brabo-Durand, Sascha Brosamer, Gen Takahashi, Kim V. Goldsmith, Bangjoo Kim, Gabriel Hensche, Lucija Barišić, Veza Fernandez, Benoît Roullet-Renoleau, Niccolò Moronato, Petra Mrša, Abdul Qadir, Richard Luke Benson, Ira Ferris, Ivan Saftić, Reuben Besa, Lorenzo Rotini, Roko Crnić, Katarina Vukadin. 
The work was made on the invitation from the Museum of contemporary art Zagreb and was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia. 

The performance was realized in 2021, at the Museum of contemporary art Zagreb.

Photo credits: Christian Taranto

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