Games and stitches – part 3 – Audio video game

The third unit of the Games and stitches was envisioned in collaboration with programmer Dominik Štrok, who presents an experimental video game whose main stimulus is sound. Blind and visually impaired persons, who tested the demo version of the game at gallery GMK and determined its final format with their own suggestions, became co-creators of the game. While rethinking the tactics of commercial platforms, opportunities for a collaborative content generation were opened up.

The three units of “Games and stitches” test the boundaries of normative society by questioning popular, widespread formats: their purpose and for whom they are intended. Groups invited for collaboration are often positioned on the margins of social events, but their experiences offer opportunities to tweak these formats. Through the horizontal exchange, the artist as a facilitator opens the possibility of intervention in formats and creates a favorable ground for inclusion, while taking a solidarity position towards the virtual and the physical environment.

Curated by Lovro Japundžić and Maja Pavlinić for Gallery GMK Zagreb.
Photo credits: Ive Trojanović

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