Light collages


Public action 

Art cinema Rijeka, Museum of modern and contemporary art Rijeka, Children’s library, City puppet theater, and Bencic Youth Council are cultural organizations in the city Rijeka which are in the constant struggle to solve their infrastructure issues. The local government promised that the devastated industrial heritage of the Benčić complex will be reconstructed to serve their needs. Solving the working conditions of these institutions allows the program for children and youth, that nurtures critical thinking, solidarity, creativity, proactive behavior and associating to happen. As this objective is not the priority in current politics, the public gesture of reminding on the promise was initiated. 
The audience, employees, and members of all mentioned cultural organizations were invited to build together a public action that involves elements of theater, film, and literature.
Reflectors that regularly illuminate and mark important buildings at night were illuminating the participants who, by using mirrors given on the location, have chosen the way to light up the building. Participants were at the same time co-authors of the event by choosing the time, size, strength, and the movement of each reflection. This action served as a platform for young citizens to experience an agency and connection with the future cultural center. The event was conceived on the notions of solidarity over particular interests, the use of non – violent methods to express public needs, and the call to rethink binary opposition: essentially – non-essential.
The work was realized with the support of Children’s House – one of the programs of Rijeka 2020 Europen Cultural Capital.

Photo credits: Damir Jevtić, Marina Rajšić and Bojan Mrđenović
Design: Sven Sorić

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