The island is our gallery

Public Walk and Workshop on Silba island (HR)

Mentors: Eliana Otta, Gabriel Hensche

Initiator and organiser: Petra Mrša

Participants: /Academy of Applied Arts Rijeka/ Ivana Đerić, Elena Apostolovski, Omar Lović,  Samanta Grubiša, Marina Rajšić, Marko Zurak. /Academy of Arts Novi Sad/ Ivana Tomanović, Ivana Čavić, Ognjen Tadić, Igor Schiller




Program of the workshop

By shifting from the mainland to an island the workshop tries to help its participants to better understand the necessities and implications of their artistic production. The participant’s practice is the point of departure for discussions and interventions that will interact and engage with this specific environment.

As an introduction, each participant is invited to prepare a presentation about his work. The presentation can take any form but should not be longer than 15 min. This introduction will be followed by presentations of Eliana Otta and Gabriel Hensche. Throughout the following days, each participant has the possibility to discuss their current artistic project with both of them individually.

Transforming the island into a gallery will be the next step of our endeavour. We start this process by inviting the participants to enter the environment and be in it for two hours in complete silence (no talking). Their camera serves as a visual notebook during this process. The pictures will form a collective archive that will be accessible for the whole group.

The participants are invited to explore the environment having in mind their current artistic project. They are invited to connect this experience with their ongoing research. How can they relate the emotions they are trying to deal with artistically with what they see, hear, feel, in that particular space? How does their perception of this surroundings enriches their approach to a specific emotion or helps them precise one, if they have not done that yet?

The participants are invited to produce a work based on their island-experiences.  As a final step, each member is asked to imagine the island as a gallery and present their work in it (ranging from two dimensional works, objects and moving image to more experimental actions, immaterial artistic gestures and site specific interventions). In the end, each participant has the possibility to present his work throughout a guided tour that is open for the Island inhabitants.





self-organised project by students of Academy of applied art Rijeka and Petra Mrša
Supported by:
Studentski kulturni centar Rijeka SKC Rijeka
Helped in realizing the project:
SEA Silba Environment Art platforma, Mjesni odbor Silba, TZ Silba, audience, weather
Biggest thanks: Zoro and Marina