The message


Sound album

Grrrhghh…. I miss improvising, not planning, not knowing what and why will happen. I miss laughing with people, shouting with them, feeling the air that hits my body when others move and talk. 

–   –   –  –  – 

At the time of the pandemic, isolation, screen and panic are dominating. The message is a sound email created in the collaboration of artists from around the world. They joined in exploring the possibilities of embodied communication within a networked digital environment. Improvised, unplanned sound articulations were traveling around air, continuing from the first one initiated and recorded by Mrša. While avoiding pictures and language, they connected through sound messages created by their voices.  Made together: Adina Camhy, Sarah Brabo-Durand, Sascha Brosamer, Gen Takahashi, Kim V. Goldsmith, Bang Ju Kim, Gabriel Hensche, Lucija Barišić, Veza Fernandez, Benoît Roullet-Renoleau, Niccolò Moronato, Abdul Qadir, Richard Luke Benson, Ira Ferris, Ivan Saftić, Reuben Besa, Lorenzo Rotini, Roko Crnić, Katarina Vukadin. 

All the files are made voluntarily, they are open source, and it is recommended to listen to it through the mobile phone and the (good) headphones.

Photo credit: Žaklina Antonijević

Installation view, Salon Galić, 2020

Installation view, Salon Galić, 2020