Site-specific performance

N.Antulov, P.Mrša, A.Stojaković, S.Milardović, N.Mišković (HR)



Five  young women are the authors of the play “Landings“. After living outside their hometown for years, Nika Mišković, Nataša Antulov, Aleksandra Stojaković, Petra Mrša and Sanja Milardović have decided to come back to Rijeka and dwell on the question „which performing act(s) can embody one’s attitude towards a city?“ Since all five of them have lived outside Rijeka for quite a long time, their relationships with and attitudes towards their hometown are closely interrelated with different memory mechanisms, as well as toponyms and spaces that revive their memories. If they as “visitors“ re inscribe in the present something that happened in the past, the question that arises is – can today’s citizens of Rijeka re-experience the city they live in? Or do they need to take a step back and change perspective to observe it?Could this performance become a new landmark that consequently creates a new narrative on the city map of Rijeka? Could the authors’ memory become a projection and speculation for the future? Could their fictive story about the history of their hometown set the basis for the future? Finally, could all those unfortunate events from the past become more fortunate when revived on stage?

Concept: Alekandra Stojaković i Nataša Antulov//Performance: Nataša Antulov, Petra Mrša, Aleksandra Stojaković, Sanja Milardović, Nika Mišković//Sound design: Matko Botić Scenography: Stefano Katunar, Dejan Rožić Dajc//Technician and lighting design: Alan Vukelić Graphic design: Marino Krstačić Furić i Ana Tomić//Producer: Petra Corva Production: Drugo more//Co-production: Perforations Festival Perforations Festival is part of the platform «This is a Domino project». Supported by: City of Rijeka – Department of Culture; Foundation Kulturanova

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