Health 90


documentary film, 20 min, HD, color and sound

Six gamers meet for the first time in the sandbox video game Garry’s Mod where they are free to build their environment. While playing, they chatter about the medium of video games, the freedom it allows and how it satisfies their needs. The game setting is mirrored then in the physical environment. We see gamers sitting together in the laboratory of the Faculty of Civil Engineering reflecting on their identity and social relationships while trying to understand what makes them happy. The film blurs the line between material and digital reality as protagonists alter their bodies, share adventures, and examine the sensations in their bodies.

With this documentary, Petra Mrša invites the viewer into the intimate lives of young people who are connected with the world through the digital medium. By stepping from behind the computer to in front of the camera the players are showing their strength to expose their worldviews, but also their sensitivity.. Behind the film is long-term research into the media of video games and the entertainment industry, conducted in structured interviews with professionals who create games, those who look at them critically, and those who play them recreationally, professionally or addictively.

Museum of fine arts, Osijek, HR, 2022/ by Ana Petrović

Collaborators: protagonists Lorena Brnica, lucebend, Patrik Butorac, R41N, Scottnervozni, Jakob Vučić-Šenperger, director of photography Tomislav Sutlar, editor Denis Golenja, sound recorder Ana Jurčić, and sound designer Luka Gamulin.

The work was made with the support of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the Department for Culture of the City of Rijeka and the Croatian Audiovisual Center.

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