I can save her

Experimental film, 12’ HD, colour and sound, 2022

The experimental short film I can save her investigates the spectacular actions and emotional sensations experienced in an interactive digital environment and its impact on the player’s body and sensory apparatus. The interactive media experience is broken down through shots of the protagonists moving in empty space, a 3D landscape, an animated line drawing, and a first-person voice narrator. The physical movements performed by the protagonists came after a somatic practice workshop led by choreographer Zrinka Mihanović Šimičić. This practice fosters developing sensibility for recognizing the processes and needs of one’s own body. The game that forms the narrative basis of the film came out of a workshop on narratives in video games, which was led by dramaturge Jasna Žmak. Through the workshop, the narrative of the game The Last of us TYPE was chosen. This game sold over 17 million copies, and is especially appreciated for the life-like characterization and movement of the characters and plot. The participants of the workshops were recovering video game addicts, gamers and members of the association of amateur actors. They are also the protagonists of the film.

Many events experienced through digital screens are accompanied by a physical response from the body. Players describe the time spent in the video games as filled with excitement, happiness, and pride. The intense release of hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine or cortisol in these simulated environments is shown in the film by interweaving the body of the protagonist and the background of the game, by using a tool similar to the medium of video games: audiovisual material altered by programming . By putting apart and then again merging elements of excitement experienced in popular interactive digital platforms, the film I can save her  questions the possibility of controlling our experience within gamified everyday life.

Collaborators: director of photography Vladimir Đurić, editor: Hrvoslava Brkušić, sound designer: Hrvoje Nikšić, production: Kreativni sindikat.

The work was created with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Center, the Center for Contemporary Art Celje and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.


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